It takes all of us to end human trafficking. It’s vital that we provide accurate information to effectively fight against trafficking in a day where misinformation can run rampant.


Our community presentations will offer educators, students, healthcare workers, and community members with knowledge and skills to recognize and react to trafficking cases.

Trafficking can happen anywhere and we should be prepared to respond. 


Sector-Specific Trainings

Student  Education

Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking: Signs and Indicators

Speaking Engagements

  • Healthcare (e.g. Providers & Hospitals)
  • Hospitality (e.g. Hotels & Motels)
  • Transportation (e.g. Truck Stops)
  • Restaurants
  • Construction Projects 
  • Agriculture (e.g. Farming)

  • Teacher Resources
  • Middle School Student Program
  • High School Student Program
  • School Administration
  • Parent Resources
  • Child Care Providers


  • State Government
  • Municipal Government
  • County Government
  • Elected Officials
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations


Request a presentation!

If you or your organization would like to learn more about our mission, the work we do, and how you can get involved, we would be happy to provide a presentation. We can also provide training on recognizing the signs of human trafficking and how to respond appropriately. Please contact us to schedule a presentation or training session. Together, we can work towards ending human trafficking and supporting survivors.