Katrina Terry

Founder and CEO


Katrina Terry, the Founder & CEO of LION195 Against Trafficking Inc., is a passionate advocate in the fight against the sexual human trafficking of children. Through her unwavering commitment, she aims to make a lasting impact in this critical area. Katrina’s deep empathy for children and her desire is to provide them with a safe haven by LION195 establishing the LionHeart Children’s Recovery Home. This home serves as a place where children who have experienced the horrors of trafficking can feel safe, loved, and begin the healing process.

Katrina’s personal journey adds a unique dimension to her work. Having been kidnapped at 7 years old and subjected to sexual trauma, and then from ages 9 to 16 she was sexually abused by a close family member, and at age 19 raped overseas while in the military. However, she has been blessed to be healed from all past trauma and now uses her story to connect with and support others who have experienced similar sexual trauma. Through LION195, Katrina focuses her efforts on empowering these children so that they can rise above their past and define their own future.

With 20 years of executive leadership experience, Katrina has earned a reputation for her transformative leadership style, exceptional managerial skills, and outstanding training abilities. What sets her apart in the business world is her diverse background. Not only has she excelled in fields such as Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Private Investigations, and Bounty Hunting, but she has also spearheaded successful recruiting companies, showcasing her versatility and business acumen. This breadth of experience enables her to bring a unique perspective to her work in combating human trafficking.

Katrina’s military service as a Navy veteran who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) brings further value to her work. Her military experience seamlessly integrates with her dynamic skill set, fueling her unwavering dedication to combating human trafficking. Katrina continually seeks to advance her training, solidifying her position as a formidable force in this ongoing battle. Overall, Katrina Terry embodies resilience, compassion, and exceptional leadership. Her work at LION195 and her multifaceted business background make her an influential figure in the fight against human trafficking, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of survivors and working towards a future where their past no longer defines them.

Additionally, due to Katrina Terry’s inspiring story and passion for making a difference, she is also available as a speaker to share her journey and inspire others. Organizations and events can request her as a speaker, leveraging her powerful narrative to motivate and empower audiences in their own efforts to combat human trafficking and support survivors of sexual trauma.

Katrina was recently featured in Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs Magazine. 

board of Directors

The development and success of LION195 couldn’t be made possible without the support of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board.